Oceanus Waterfront Mall Kota Kinabalu – Waterfront Shopping

One of the most awaited and larger-than-life projects of the prestigious city resort development, the Kota Kinabalu City Waterfront, is the Oceanus Waterfront Mall; one of the premier shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu. This project aims for environmental sustainability while constructing this mega retail and entertainment hub.

The landscape of Kota Kinabalu is aimed to undergo a drastic rejuvenation, by the establishment of this mall, creating a benchmark in the corporate world in East Malaysia to support environment friendly projects to enhance profits. They follow the philosophy of ‘Profit from Going Green’ which encapsulates the entire concept of the green technology which they use.

Nestled in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, it has the honour of being awarded the first ever waterfront landmark and compliments its strategic location by the waterfront and the exotic oasis, by being built in an iconic nautical design. A 2km long waterfront boardwalk is purposefully designed to host different auspicious occasions, supported by its concern for the environment. The boardwalk is installed with lamp posts equipped with wind turbines and solar powered panels.

Oceanus Waterfront Mall Highlights

A visit to the Oceanus Waterfront Shopping Mall will surely leave you mesmerized and you are sure to have a truly exotic experience by indulging yourself in more than 200 outlets across its 4 floors. The most distinguished patrons of international lifestyle and fashion are to be found here, along with local brands in specialty boutiques.

Visitors will be able to experience the unique and exquisite alfresco style of dining in cafes to coffee houses and entertainment and recreation. The management team of the Oceanus Waterfront Mall Kota Kinabalu, is committed to providing a complete mix of varied experiences with personalized future tech depots.

Beauty and Healthcare: 

Brands in this category, catering to the shoppers at the Oceanus Waterfront Mall include the Rozsall Beauty Centre, The Body Shop, Guardian and The Face Shop.


Pioneers of fashion at the mall include Paris Station, Queen Mermaid, Tenna Boutique, Renda Boutique, My Fashion Story and the like.

IT and Technology:

Lenova, Samsung, Oppo, legends and Yes Mobile one of the leading brands in the world of IT have their outlets in the Oceanus Waterfront Mall.

Food and Beverages:

Nando’s, Hard Rock Café, Starbucks, Secret Recipe and Aco Bar are some of the popular brands in the food line.

Sophistication at its Best

It is like heaven on earth and an exceptionally outclass establishment, targeted at the elite class cosmopolites who enjoy the utmost bliss, luxury and ultimate comfort, designed for both business and pleasure. It is equipped with the latest, world class and superior quality services and conveniences, with the perfect blend of scenic and picturesque beauty to make one feel on the top of the world.

How to get to the Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Marina Court Apartments are situated opposite to the Oceanus Waterfront Mall, on a recently reclaimed strip of land. You can get to the mall using buses from Beverly Hills, Donggong, Peenampang, Putatan, Lok Kawi & Kinarut area. The alternate is to take a cab anywhere in Kota Kinabalu.

Oceanus Waterfront Mall Address

Below is the address of the Oceanus Waterfront Mall in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Address: Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, 88000 Kota Kinabalau, Sabah, Malaysia
Information Counter: +6 088 274333

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