Guide to Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Kota Kinabalu

Be it a 7 year old child or 15 year old teenager, be it a 27 year old married adult or a 55 year old aged person – everybody loves to watch movies. A movie is best enjoyed when it is watched in a cinema with the perfect ambiance, surround systems and something to munch on. Though you can get the same experience at home, a movie theatre has its own charm. It is no wonder why cinemas are growing in so much popularity, and trying to implement the latest technological advancements within themselves to fulfill the ever-growing and unmet needs of all the watchers.

Golden Screen Cinema GSC Kota Kinabalu

Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) is one of the most renowned movie theatres of Malaysia and they have several branches that are operating in various parts of the country. In Kota Kinabalu, Golden Screen Cinema has two theatres, one which is located in 1Borneo Hypermall and the other one is situated in Suria Sabah shopping mall. Both these cinemas are located in the busiest locations, and since shopping and movies make a great combination a lot of people like to do both things at one time. Movies are a perfect treat for you and your family, so if you are in search for a nice place to take your kids and loved ones to then watching a movie in Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Suria Sabah is exactly what should be on your priority list.

Features of Golden Screen Cinema Suria Sabah

The Suria Sabah cinema theatre consists of 8 screens and can approximately seat down more than 1470 people. The Suria Sabah cinema is comparatively smaller than the one at 1Borneo Hypermall, but both are equipped with the most modern, state of the art projectors and surround sound systems. For 2D movies there is the Dolby Digital Cinema version 5.1, while for 3D there is Dolby 7.1. The Cinema rooms 5 and 6 are 3D enabled cinemas, each of which is furnished with high class Dolby 3D systems and 3D classes. Watching a movie in 3D has never been more fun that it is in Golden Screen Cinema Suria Sabah. People who have bought tickets for 3D movies are handed over a pair of 3D glasses before stepping foot into Cinema 5 and 6. These 3D glasses look exactly like a pair of sunglasses, but you will be quite amazed with the wonders it can do. With their state of the art 3D enabled screens and Dolby systems you would feel like you have entered a different dimension, because everything seems to be popping out of the screens. If you wear normal spectacles, you can wear these 3D glasses over them because they are of the same size.

All the rooms are spacious and there is enough leg space for tall and fat people. The seating arrangements are soft and comfortable, and the viewing experience is one of a kind. The exit from the back door directly leads you to the corridors of the shopping mall, so those who wish to continue shopping can carry on with their business. All genres of movies are played at GSC Suria Sabah for instance thriller, comedy, romance, action, murder/suspense, drama, anime, horror etc.

Drinks and Beverages

The most exciting part about watching a movie in a cinema theatre is getting the popcorns and drinks, which are large enough to give you company throughout the movie. No food and drinks from outside are allowed in Golden Screen Cinema Suria Sabah. The food section here contains everything you need to take inside, so grab your favorite pack of buttered or caramel popcorns, nachos, drinks, candies, or whatever it is you like before the movie to avoid missing out the fun.

Ticket Prices

Tickets can be bought online (for advance reservations and seats) or directly from the counter (upon arrival). Sometimes the waiting lines are long but it is dealt with speed and efficiency. E-payment services are also available so a lot of people like to purchase tickets online. The tickets for 2d movies varies from 8RM to 11RM per ticket while the 3D movies are priced higher around 16RM.
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The Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Suria Sabah is situated on the 8th floor of the Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, at Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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